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Fuzer defeatured in TeamLiquid.net

Written by Azhrak | Tue, Nov 1st 2011, 17:43 | 4 Comments
Today TeamLiquid.net (a Starcraft comminuty site you probably should already know) made a few changes to their site. One of the changes concerns streams and streams that get featured. Now the requirements for a featured status are made clear but the bar has been raised, which led to defeaturing sixty streams from TL.net, Fuzer's stream among them.

Fuzer's stream had been on the featured list for quite some time, and for a good reason. Once he had over 6000 viewers which clearly indicates he has potential. Then he broke his arm and had a long pause from streaming which made some people forget about him, no doubt. Currently, Fuzer is back and streaming regularly gaining some 400 viewers per session.

TL.net's new standards for featured streams are:
  1. High skill level / tournament results
  2. High average viewer count
  3. Notability / contribution
  4. Activity
We can bet that Fuzer is doing his part on the skill and activity part, but we, the viewers, can do something about the viewer count and notability.

What we can do is keep Fuzer's internet presence alive by talking about him and the stream online. In TL.net, reddit.com, facebook, twitter, IRC, gaming sites, where ever. When Fuzer starts streaming you should start a) watching and b) spreading the stream URL.

TL.net has all the right to do whatever they want with their site, and the new features are really nice. Even the new featured streams standard is good, because once you hit that list now, the impact is bigger than ever. I'm sure we'd all like to see Fuzer on that list again.

You can help. We can do this. Start by commenting this post. ;)


prekele vittun TL.
i will watch everyy second when i have time!!!

Yeah he should definitely be featured again. Hope he has motivation to keep streaming anyway and gets back to that list where he belongs :)
I love fuzer. he should talk to oGs and probably go to korea to hang out with MC - wold be pretty epic.
anyways... fuzer has the best chances to get feautured again
Was I the first to read to the last sentence? ;D
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