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Written by Azhrak | Wed, Oct 19th 2011, 17:38 | 1 Comments
Hi guys,

I'm Azhrak, the guy who kindly put this site together for Fuzer. Since he isn't too active on posting here, I'm taking the opportunity to ask the fans of Fuzer what would they like to see on this site.

Got any ideas of content, functions, appearance, etc, post them in the comments or come by to the IRC channel #fuzer @ Quakenet.

I'm sure you can think of useful stuff we could put up in here. :)



I think it would be cool if you posted the VODs of memorable games instead of just replays, as Fuzer's commentary is an integral part of the enjoyment. Also I'd like to see some news on Fuzer's success at tournaments, and maybe a profile of some sort. Props for Azhrak for putting this site together, you've done an awesome job!

-ooveehoo, regular viewer
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